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Thai Beef Recipes

All of the following Thai recipes can be made with Beef. Although in the actual recipe I may have used another meat, you can still follow the recipe, but just substitute the meat used for Beef.

Pad Thai Noodles Recipe >>>>

A quick simple and delicious noodle stir fry. Usually made with prawns, however tastes just as good with beef. Simple and fast to prepare, not very spicy.

Thai Recipes And Cooking

Thai Basil And Chilli Stir Fry Recipe >>>>

A spicy and meaty dish, served with rice. Simple but strong flavours, ideal for somebody who likes meaty meals with clean uncomplicated tastes. Very quick and easy to prepare, and hard to get wrong. Good choice for the beginner.

Thai Basil And Chilli Stir Fry With Beef

Thai Chilli Paste Stir Fry >>>>

A hot and sour stir fry dish. Quick, healthy, and easy to prepare. In this recipe I have used a seafood mix, but beef is a worthy substitute.

Thai Chilli Stir Fry With Seafood

Thai Coconut (Panang) Curry >>>>

A rich creamy curry, with a hint of sour. Very delicious, and can be made mild by adding less paste. Chicken has been used in this recipe, however this dish is popular served with beef also.

Thai Coconut Curry Panang

Thai Garlic And Pepper >>>>

Very simple and quick to make. Ideal if you don't have much time, or access to many ingredients.

Thai Beef With Garlic and Pepper

Thai Green Curry Recipe >>>>

Probably the most famous Thai Curry. Creamy, spicy and slightly sweet. In this recipe I have used chicken, but it works just as well with beef.

Thai Green Curry

Thai Jungle Curry >>>>

Spicy vegetable rich curry. Named a curry, but is more like a soup. Fish was used in this recipe, however beef is very popular too.

Thai Jungle Curry

Thai Red Curry >>>>

Another creamy spicy curry. Hotter than green curry, but with similar ingredients. Made with chicken in this recipe, but beef is equally suitable.

Thai Red Curry Recipe

Thai Yellow Curry (Masaman) >>>>

A spicy, nutty, coconut cream based curry, made more hearty with the addition of potato. Made with pork in this recipe, however beef works well too.

Thai Yellow Curry Masaman With Pork


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